Degree: PhD
Year: 1992
Institution: University of Ioannina School of Medicine
Discipline: Pharmacology

Degree: B.S.
Year: 1988
Institution: University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece
Discipline: Pharmacy

Antoniou Katerina

Department of Medicine

Contact Information

Tel.: +30-26510 07570
e-mail: Personal/Dept/Lab URL/: -

Research topics (related to the Institute)

  1. Modeling of CNS disorders such as depression, psychosis and drugs of abuse
  2. Pharmacological evaluation (screening) of drugs/substances with CNS activity
  3. Mechanisms underlying the behavioral and neurobiological effects of psychotropics such as cannabinoids, alcohol, ketamine, d-amphetamine, cocaine, and caffeine

Research summary

  • Dr. Antoniou research interests include appropriate modelling and translational studies of CNS disorders (anxiety/depression, drug abuse and psychosis/schizophrenia), as well as the pharmacological evaluation (screening) of bio-behavioral effects of drugs/substances acting on CNS. Recently her research has focused on cannabinoids/phytocannabinoids.

Professional background

2.2014 - presentAssociate Professor, Dept. of Medicine, UoI
5.2008 - 2.2014Assistant Professor, Dept. of Medicine, UoI
11.2009 - 3.2010Visiting Scientist, Department of Neurobiology and Psychiatry, University Pierre et Marie Curie, INSERM, Paris
12.2003 - 4.2008Lecturer, Dept. of Medicine, UoI
10.2002 - 11.2003Lecturer, School of Medicine, UoA
7.2001 - 10.2002Guest Scientist/Guest Researcher/Fogarty International Center, NIDA/NIH,Baltimore, USA
9.1999 - 6.2001Research associate, School of Medicine, UoA
9.1999 - 6.2001Research associate, School of Medicine, UoA
3.1998 - 8.1999Research associate, Dept. of Pharmacy, UoA
1.1997 - 12.1997Postdoc, School of Medicine, UoA
1.1995 - 12.1996Postdoc, Karolisnska Institute, Stocholm, Sweden
1.1993 - 12.1994Postdoc, School of Medicine, UoA