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Institute of Biosciences (I.BS.)

The Institute of Biosciences (I.BS.) is located in the city of Ioannina. It is an autonomous scientific and research unit affiliated with the University Research Center of Ioannina (U.R.C.I.). It is staffed with University of Ioannina faculty members whose research interests fall within the scope of the I.BS. and renowned scientists whose research is related to the area of biosciences.


I.BS. conducts basic and translational research in the area of biosciences (with an emphasis on molecular biology-biochemistry and functional genomics, cellular and developmental biology, and translational research related with the diagnosis or therapy of human diseases).


  • Promote knowledge and research in the field of biosciences
  • Exploitation/development of leading-edge technology in the relevant fields
  • Enhance the synergy among scientists and researchers from different fields
  • Development of collaborations with other Research Centers in Greece and abroad
  • Pursuit of competitive national and international research program grants
  • Interconnection of basic research with targeted applications in the area of health sciences
  • Support the competitiveness of Greek economy through the pursuit of competitive national and international research programs and contribution to the educational, research, social, cultural and developmental needs of the country
I.BS. is chaired by a three-member Steering Committee, which consists of the Director of the Institute and two members.

Internal Organization

I.BS. is organized in three closely interacting Departments:
  • Department of Molecular Biology-Biochemistry and Functional Genomics
  • Department of Cellular and Developmental Biology
  • Department of Translational Research and Clinical Studies

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