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Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development (I.E.S.D.)

The Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development (I.E.S.D.) is located in the city of Ioannina. It is an autonomous scientific and research unit affiliated with the University Research Center of Ioannina (U.R.C.I.). It is staffed with University of Ioannina faculty members and eminent scientists whose research is directly related to the fields of Environmental Sciences and Technologies. The I.E.S.D. is chaired by a three-member Steering Committee, consisting of the Director and two members.


I.E.S.D. conducts basic and applied research in all fields of Environmental Sciences and Technologies for Sustainable Development. Focus is placed in environmental pollution control and protection technologies, energy technologies, biodiversity conservation, agri-food and aquaculture characteristics and quality.


  • Promotion of knowledge and research in the field of environmental sciences and technologies.
  • Development of innovative and effective processes, technologies and environmental friendly methodologies aiming at confronting current environmental issues and challenges such as environmental pollution, climate change, natural resources depletion, biodiversity loss, etc.
  • Enhance the synergy among scientists and researchers from different faculties within the University of Ioannina in interdisciplinary studies.
  • Development of research collaboration with other research institutes in Greece and abroad.
  • Connection of basic research with applied technologies for environment management and protection.
  • Prevent and mitigate the brain-drain phenomenon and favor the repatriation of Greek researchers.
  • Supporting innovation and competitiveness of Epirus region and Greek economy.
More specifically, the main research objectives and activities of the Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development (I.E.S.D.) include the following scientific areas:
  1. Technologies for the treatment of wastewaters, solid and gas wastes
  2. Technologies for the reuse and valorization of wastes and by products from industrial and agricultural production processes
  3. Environmental protection and restoration technologies
  4. Technologies for drinking water safety and quality
  5. Catalysis and applications in environmental and energy production technologies
  6. Environmental pollution control
  7. Monitoring of environmental quality indicators, risk assessment and impacts management
  8. Conventional, renewable and alternative energy sources
  9. Meteorology, climatology and atmospheric environment
  10. Eco-innovation
  11. Environmental quality and impacts in agri-food quality
  12. Sustainable agriculture and food production
  13. Ecology and biodiversity conservation
  14. Ecosystems management with emphasis in the characteristic mountainous ecosystems of Epirus
  15. Management and exploitation of natural resources
  16. Management of urban environment and land uses
  17. Quality and safety control of food, agri-food and natural products

Internal Organization

I.E.S.D. is organized into four closely interacting Departments:
  • Department of Environment Pollution and Quality Control.
  • Department of Environmental Technologies.
  • Department of Ecosystems and Biodiversity Management and Conservation.
  • Department of Food and Agri-products.


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