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Institute of Materials Science and Computing (I.M.S.C.)

The Institute of Materials Science and Computing (I.M.S.C.) is located in the city of Ioannina. It is an autonomous scientific and research unit affiliated with the University Research Center of Ioannina (U.R.C.I.) . It is staffed with University of Ioannina faculty members and eminent scientists whose research is directly related to the fields of Materials Science, Technology and Engineering.


I.M.S.C. conducts basic and applied research in the field of Materials Science (design and development of new materials and technologies, material characterization, materials engineering and applications as well as analytical and numerical modeling).


  • Promote knowledge and research in the field of material science.
  • Provide a better understanding of the structure-property relationship of materials.
  • Design, synthesis, characterization, development of theory and simulation and evaluation of materials used in technological applications.
  • Characterization of materials used in the industry of the Region of Epirus, Greece and the European Union.
  • Enhance the synergy among scientists and researchers from different fields within the University of Ioannina and with established research centers in Greece and abroad.
  • The halt of the brain-drain phenomenon and the repatriation of researchers.
  • To support the competitiveness of the Greek economy through the pursuit of competing national and international research programs, technological development and innovation (Center of Excellence).
The I.M.S.C. is chaired by a three-member Steering Committee, which consists of the Director of the Institute and two members.

Internal Organization

I.M.S.C. is organized into three closely interacting Departments.
  • Department of Material Design, Development and Characterization.
  • Department of Applications and Materials Engineering.
  • Department of Calculations and Simulations


Recent publications